Mervyn Peake - Gormenghast


1984121720181201 (BBC7)
20181202 (BBC7)

The second of two plays based on the Gormenghast novels by Mervyn Peake. Dramatised by Brian Sibley.

As young Titus approaches his destiny in Gormenghast, he faces the rise of the ruthlessly ambitious Steerpike.

with Sting as Steerpike
Freddie Jones as The Artist
Bernard Hepton as Dr Prunesquallor
Judy Parfitt as Irma Prunesquallor
Eleanor Bron as Gertrude
Sheila Hancock as Clarice and Cora
Jill Lidstone as Fuchsia
Cyril Shaps as Flay
Maurice Denham as Barquentine
Michael Aldridge as Bellgrove
Hilda Schroder as Nannie Slagg
Vicky Ireland as Titus aged 7
Julian Firth as Titus aged 17

Mulefire. Arnold Diamond
Cutflower David Garth
Shrivell Alan Thompson
Shred David Sinclair
Opus Fluke John Forbes Robertston
Perch-Prism David Gooderson

Directed by Glyn Dearman.

First heard on BBC Radio 4 in 1984.

As young Titus grows up in Gormenghast he must face the ruthlessly ambitious Steerpike."