Michael Palin Diaries - Halfway To Hollywood


0120130128 (BBC7)

Recalling his frenetic 1980s, Michael Palin tells of Monty Python, challenging railway journeys and his daughter starting school.

0220130129 (BBC7)

Michael Palin recalls bedroom frolics in The Missionary, and confusion at an ear specialist where life reflected comic art.

0320130130 (BBC7)

Michael Palin recalls his mum making it big in America, grappling with a pig in A Private Function, and a crucial meeting with George Harrison.

0420130131 (BBC7)

Recalling his 1980s, Michael Palin shares fond recollections of his sister Angela, and the germ of A Fish Called Wanda.

05 LAST20130201 (BBC7)

Lots of kissing, the rushes look good, and a career swerve into world travel beckons. Michael Palin concludes his memoirs.