Midnight Library, The [Matt Haig]

Between life and death there is a library - The Midnight Library.

Nora Seed finds herself there and discovers that each book in the Midnight Library is an opportunity - to explore the lives she might now lead if she had acted differently, and to undo her regrets (of which she has many).

None of these lives is what she imagined.

As the librarian in The Midnight Library tells her, ‘Sometimes the only way to learn is to live.' But what is the best way for Nora to live?


0120201207Nora Seed lives quietly with her cat in Bedford. One evening things begin to go wrong - and they don’t improve the following day.
0220201208Episode Two
Nora finds herself in the mysterious Midnight Library, but there is something very familiar about the librarian.

Nora finds herself in the mysterious Midnight Library.

0320201209Episode Three
Mrs Elm explains The Book Of Regrets, and Nora travels to her first alternative life.

Mrs Elm persuades Nora to visit an alternative life.

0420201210Episode Four
Nora discovers that marriage to Dan running a pub in the Oxfordshire countryside isn’t quite what she expected.

Nora discovers marriage to Dan isn't what she expected.

0520201211Episode Five
To Mrs Elm’s alarm, there is a system error in The Midnight Library.

There is a system error in The Midnight Library.

0620201214Exploring a life as a glaciologist, Nora faces down a polar bear and meets a fellow-traveller.
0720201215Episode Seven
Nora explores the life in which she sings and writes songs for the best-selling rock band The Labyrinths.

Nora performs live with her rock band The Labyrinths.

0820201216Nora chooses a quieter life, working with dogs at the Animal Shelter in Bedford.
0920201217In Cambridge with a family and a writing and teaching career, Nora wonders if she has found the perfect life. But even this has consequences.
10 LAST20201218Nora returns to the Midnight Library to find it crumbling around her.