Midweek Theatre Enter Michael Bearing Gifts


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701111]

A new comedy for radio by JANET HOWORTH with Leonard Fenton as Michael

' It couldn'have happened to a nicer person. At last he's achieved success. I mean, he's damned near 40 and he's been living off family and friends for years..." Produced by MARGARET ETALL ( (Leonard Fenton is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Com


Unknown: Janet Howorth

Unknown: Leonard Fenton

Produced By: Margaret Etall

Nora Frost: Madi Hedd

Peter Frost: Edward Kelsey

Emily Bannister: Margot Boyd

Godfrey Bannister: Hamilton Dyce

Sir Roland Frost: Carleton Hobbs

Sue Frost: Emily Richard

Julian Bannister: David Valla

Lorry drivert,: Patrick Tull