Midweek Theatre Maugham The Storyteller


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7he Colonel's Lady A short story by W SOMERSET MAUGHAM a radio play adapted by JOAN O'CONNOR with Colonel Peregrine is amazed when his wife's book of poems becomes a bestseller.

Produced by DAVID h. GODFREY (Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Produced By: David H. Godfrey

the Storyteller: Carleton Hobbs

Col George Peregrine: Hector Ross

Evie Peregrine: Dorit Welles

Henry Blane: John Cabriel

Daphne: Myrtle Reed

Corry: Frederick Bennett

Giles: Wilfrid Carter

Eliot Dashwood: Andrew Sachs

Duke of Haverel: Peter Tuddenham

Sybil Hamnet: Monica Grey

Caroline: Ann King

Bookseller: John Bryning