Midweek Theatre Miracle In A Mountain


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700923]

A radio play by HOWIESON CULFF from the novel To a High Mountain by JAMES WELLARD with Robert Hardy Margaret Rawlings and Howieson Culff

A poor peasant woman from the Italian mountain village of Sabina has a vision. Soon the hordes of news-hungry journalists descend on the village to make what they can of it. The vision is to cause many incidents: a cripple regains the use of his legs and a photographer loses his life.

Has a miracle in fact taken place? This play will make a deep impression on all thoughtful listeners.

Produced by RAYMOND RAIKES (Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Play By: Howieson Culff

Unknown: Robert Hardy

Unknown: Margaret Rawlings

Unknown: Howieson Culff

Produced By: Raymond Raikes

Derek Trumbull, an English journalist: Robert Hardy

Antonio Giannini, the inn-keeper: Andrew Sachs

Proietti, a farmer: Edward Kelsey

Bonetti, the sacristan: Sean Arnold

Nicol6 Mantini, a cripple: Hector Ross

Don Cesare, the village priest: Howieson Culff

Wives of vineyard workers: Annunziata Gentile: Margaret Rawlings

Wives of vineyard workers: Marta Santucci: Denise Bryer

Wives of vineyard workers: Giovanna Benedetti: Jill Balcon

Wives of vineyard workers: Giuliana Manli: Margaret Wolfit

Quarrymen: Luigi: Nigel Lambert

Quarrymen: Bernardino: Brian Hewlett

Quarrymen: Helen Teela, an American journalist: Margaret Wolfit

Quarrymen: Pietro, a youngster, acting as her guide: Daniel Rose

Quarrymen:Bianca Gentile, Annunziata's daughter: Jo Manning Wilson