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Man-haters or Revolutionaries! In the first of five programmes SUE MACGREGOR makes a personal investigation into the reality of the Women's Liberation Movement in England. and talks to some of the people Involved.

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Rocks the cradle, rocks the boatf

SUE MACGREGOR asks GERMAINE GREER , author of The Female Eunuch, and KATE MILLET , author of the American best-seller Sexual Politics, why they support a radical change in the male-female relationship.


Unknown: Germaine Greer

Unknown: Kate Millet

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Deeds not words

SUE MACGREGOR takes a close look at the activities of one Women's Liberation Group and discovers how they put their ideas into practice,

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No one would help us

SUE MACGREGOR talks to three different groups of women who have got together to fight for action on issues that affect their lives-such as pay, rights and child-care facilities,


Talks: Sue MacGregor

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What's wrong with being dominatedr

In the last of five programmes SUE MACGREGOR talks to four working women who discuss their attitudes towards Women's Liberation,



Produced By: Frances Donnelly