Miss Lavender Is Dead


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700831]

by cuy VAESEN from the novel Gentleman and Ladies by SUSAN HILL

Fay Compton as Mrs Thorne Pauline Letts as Alida

Dorothy Reynolds as Dorothea and Mary Merrall as Mrs Gaily

A wistful comedy of the emotional involvements of a strange group of people living in a beautiful village, the envy of the neighbouring towns-people.

Produced by GUY VAESEN (Too young at 76?: page 5)


Unknown: Susan Hill

Unknown: Fay Compton

Unknown: Pauline Letts

Unknown: Dorothy Reynolds

Unknown: Mary Merrall

Produced By: Guy Vaesen

Florence Ames: Margot Buvd

Hubert Gaily: Graham Lhmirue

Isabel Lavender: Grizelda Hervey

Kathleen Lavender: Sylvia Coleridge

Miss Cress: Dorothy Primrose

Mrs Clemency: Aimee Delamain

Dr Sparrow: Robert Swann

The Rector: Gerald Cross

Dr Combridge.: Peter Tuddenham