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Sarah Greaves is missing. As a young mother from a stable family she is high on the "at risk" list. Her husband and mother enlist the aid of a helpline.

Director Michael Fox

Written by Elizabeth Baines


Told through a series of inter-cutting monologues by several family members, the story of the disappearance of a 19-year-old man gradually unfolds.

Although entirely fictional, every word is in fact taken from extensive interviews with families whose lives have been affected by the heartache that follows when someone goes missing.

  • created by writer Rhiannon Tise
  • father....alan williams
  • husband....shaun dooley
  • mother....jean stevens
  • sister....kate mcgeever
  • with.... - - - - john roger from the salvation army family tracing service

  • SP20010811

    By Elisabeth Bond.

    When the presenter of an Italian radio programme about missing persons takes a call from a woman who claims to know the whereabouts of a brilliant young flautist, she sets off to find him.

    With Suzanna Hamilton, Lynda Rooke, Matthew Thomas and Rob Hutchinson.

    Directed by Sara Davies