Missing Persons

Joe Farrell examines the stories of six great but forgotten people and asks why they have been so neglected.


01Joseph Bazalgette20000429

The man behind the construction of London's sewers - the biggest civil engineering project of the 19th century - added 20 years to the life expectancy of the average Londoner and made the greatest changes to the face of the city since the Great Fire.

02Millicent Fawcett20000506

led the constitutional campaign for female suffrage for over three decades, only to be overshadowed in the history books by the more militant suffragettes. Farrell finds out about the life and legacy of the woman who championed the cause of women's education and emancipation.

03Robert Cunninghame Graham20000513

, a Scottish aristocrat who was the first socialist in Parliament. He went on to found the Scottish National Party. An adventurer and cowboy in South America, and a brief inmate of Pentonville jail, he was a literary inspiration to Bernard Shaw, Wilde and Conrad.

04William Godwin20000520

English social philosopher William Godwin (1756-1836), a radical thinker who advocated a system of anarchism based on his belief in mankind's perfectibility and his doctrine of extreme individualism. He supported the American War of Independence and the French Revolution and opposed organised government and national education.

05Catherine Booth20000527

was one of the most important social campaigners in Victorian England.

She helped prostitutes and the poorest in society, and she battled to raise the age of consent and argued for the equality of women.

06 LASTAlbert Mansbridge20000603

Joe Farrell concludes his examination of six great but forgotten people and asks why they have been so neglected.

`Albert Mansbridge'.

The founder of the Workers' Educational Association opened up further education to the working classes for the first time, and was famous in his day for his curious accent and passionate public speaking.


By: David Hopkins

Starring: Shaun Prendergast/Gordon Reid

By: David Hopkins

Starring: Shaun Prendergast/Gordon Reid.