Mission Song, The

By John Le Carre, abridged by Katrin Williams.

Read by Paterson Joseph.

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0120061002By John Le Carre, abridged by Katrin Williams.|Read by Paterson Joseph.Salvo, a professional interpreter of minority African languages, becomes involved in the planning stages of a covert operation to take over the Eastern Congo.
0220061003Salvo meets the love of his life, and his African conscience is re-awakened.
0320061004Salvo is flown to a no-name island in the North Sea and briefed on the task ahead.
0420061005The meeting begins between the Western financiers and East Congolese warlords.
0520061006Salvo learns the truth behind the Syndicate's plans for the Eastern Congo.
0620061009The contract is signed and Salvo is flown home.|But his bag contains damning evidence of the terrible events on the island.
0720061010Salvo plays the stolen tapes to Hannah, and visits the home of Lord Brinkley.
0820061011Hannah and Salvo seek the help of trusted friends.
0920061012Hannah goes missing and Salvo realises he must give himself up.
10 LAST20061013Salvo writes to Hannah's son Noah, and receives unexpected letters from two old acquaintances.