The Monday Play - Angel Standing


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940808]by Jonathan Myerson. With Juliet Aubrey as Angel and Timothy West as Mr Levy. Angel brings zeal and commitmentto her

PhD research into sexuality. But when her supervisor realises she is working as a prostitute to get her statistics, Angel beginsafrightnening voyage of discovery. sic by Elizabeth Parker. Director Peter Kavanagh


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940808] Unknown: Jonathan Myerson.

Unknown: Juliet Aubrey

Unknown: Timothy West

Unknown: Mr Levy.

Unknown: Elizabeth Parker.

Director: Peter Kavanagh

Old Hannah: Maggie Whiting

Judah: Neil Dudgeon

Vic/Cathal: Aidan Gillen

Ross: Gavin Muir

Levi/Nahum: Paul Panting

Zridel: Peter Kenny

Eppy/Hanni: Cathy Sara

Georgina Standing: Margaret John

Mima: Elaine Claxton

Rabbi: Neville Jason

Finn: Mark Lambert

British Major: Don McCorkindale

Egyptian Officer: Peter Whitman

Client: James Taylor