Monday Play - Friends Of Oscar


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970616]By Rod Dungate.

In 1895 the Marquess of Queensbury, furious with Oscar Wilde for pursuing a relationship with his son, left a notorious message at Wilde's club. Wilde prosecuted Queensbury for libel, and when Queensbury retaliated, a witch hunt began in the Victorian gay community. with Ian Pepperell , Geoffrey Freshwater , Joe Melia , William Haden , David Schofield ,

Charles Edwards , John McAndrew. Rebecca Wright , Linda Spurrier , Paul Barnhill and Raymond Coulthard. Director Bill Alexander

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970616] Unknown: Rod Dungate.

Unknown: Oscar Wilde

Unknown: Ian Pepperell

Unknown: Geoffrey Freshwater

Unknown: Joe Melia

Unknown: William Haden

Unknown: David Schofield

Unknown: Charles Edwards

Unknown: John McAndrew.

Unknown: Rebecca Wright

Unknown: Linda Spurrier

Unknown: Raymond Coulthard.

Director: Bill Alexander

Alfred Taylor: Jamie Newall

Charlie Mason: Daniel Isaacs

Robbie Ross: James Dreyfus