The Monday Play - If It Wasn't For That Graham Taylor


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940711]Ex-footballer John Salthouse stars in his own play that reflects the football fever generated by the World Cup. It follows a players' agent behind the scenes to where the real money is being made.

Other parts played by Joy Elias-Rilwan , Peter Yapp , Ciara Janson , George Allonby and Paul Keating Director Claire Grove


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940711] Unknown: John Salthouse

Played By: Joy Elias-Rilwan

Played By: Peter Yapp

Played By: Ciara Janson

Played By: George Allonby

Played By: Paul Keating

Director: Claire Grove

Clwrlie Dawson: John Salthouse

Vishal: Lyndam Gregory

Ronnie Josephs: Jonathan Tafler

Sir Fred: George Parsons

Tracie: Emma Chambers

Gloria: Eve Shickle

Samantha Dawson: Rebecca Lacey

Mr Scott: Gavin Muir

Wolfgang Voller: Wolf Kahler

Robert Amunike: Don Warrington

Samson Abiola: Yemi Ajibade

Geoff Chatterton: Anthony Milner