The Monday Play - King Matt


Genome: [r4 Bd=19971222]Janus Korczak 's cautionary children's novel, dramatised for radio by Martin Jameson , tells the story of a child-king who finds that distributing free chocolate to children does not solve the problems for which other monarchs are willing to go to war. with Malcolm Hebden. Geoffrey Banks,

Robert Whelan , David Fleeshman , Terence Mann. Matthew Dunster , Jane Hollowood , Maxine Burth , Jonathan Kitchens ,

Alan Halsall , Stephen Hoyle , Jonathon Wright , Tom Pinnock , Tara Pendergast ,

Tiffany Chapman , Kelly Greenwood and Vicky Binns Music by Pam and Nigel Jay Director Jeremy Mortimer

Genome: [r4 Bd=19971222] Unknown: Janus Korczak

Unknown: Martin Jameson

Unknown: Malcolm Hebden.

Unknown: Robert Whelan

Unknown: David Fleeshman

Unknown: Terence Mann.

Unknown: Matthew Dunster

Unknown: Jane Hollowood

Unknown: Maxine Burth

Unknown: Jonathan Kitchens

Unknown: Alan Halsall

Unknown: Stephen Hoyle

Unknown: Jonathon Wright

Unknown: Tom Pinnock

Unknown: Tara Pendergast

Unknown: Tiffany Chapman

Unknown: Kelly Greenwood

Unknown: Vicky Binns

Unknown: Nigel Jay

Director: Jeremy Mortimer

Dr K: Clive Russell

Prime Minister: Russell Dixon