The Monday Play - Les Blancs


Genome: [r4 Bd=19931206]The last play that American writer Lorraine Hansberry worked on before her death in 1965, Les Blancsvias finished, from her notes and their conversations, by her husband Robert Nemiroff. This is its first British production.

Returning home to an Africa in the midst of an anti-colonial war, Tshembe Matoseh must make a choice. The question is, can liberation ever be achieved without violent revolution?

Adapted and directed by Heather Goodman

Genome: [r4 Bd=19931206] Unknown: Lorraine Hansberry

Unknown: Robert Nemiroff.

Unknown: Tshembe Matoseh

Directed By: Heather Goodman

Tshembe: Leo Wringer

Abioseh: Hugh Quarshie

Eric: Osei Bentil

Peter: Rudolph Walker

Charlie Morris: Stuart Milligan

Major Rice: Jack Klaff

Dr Dekoven: Lyndam Gregory

Madame Neilson: Lala Lloyd

Dr Gotterling: Vivienne Rochester