The Monday Play - Peel's Brimstone


Genome: [r4 Bd=19951023]

By Jimmy Murphy. The Indian com which Sir Robert Peel sent over to Ireland to alleviate the famine of the 1840s proved inedible and the Irish cursed it with the name Peel's Brimstone. with Stella McCusker , Peter O'Meara , Michelle Forbes , Niamh Ljneham , Michele Simms , David Wilmot , Noel McGee , Paddy Scully , Emma O'Neil , Trevor Moore , Cathy Brennan. Patrick Rtzsymons and Dan Gordon. Director Pam Brighton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19951023]

Unknown: Jimmy Murphy.

Unknown: Sir Robert Peel

Unknown: Stella McCusker

Unknown: Peter O'Meara

Unknown: Michelle Forbes

Unknown: Niamh Ljneham

Unknown: Michele Simms

Unknown: David Wilmot

Unknown: Noel McGee

Unknown: Paddy Scully

Unknown: Emma O'Neil

Unknown: Trevor Moore

Unknown: Cathy Brennan.

Unknown: Patrick Rtzsymons

Unknown: Dan Gordon.

Smith: Stanley Townsend

Farrel: David Kelly

Nora: Siobhan Miley

Connor: Luke Griffin

Timmy: Duffy Garrettkeogh

Finnegan: Owen Roe