The Monday Play - Riddley Walker


Genome: [r4 Bd=19961230]

By Russell Hoban. Three thousand years in the future, the Pry Mincer wants to rebuild the shattered technology of the past. Riddley. the Connexion Man. is caught up in a struggle to unlock the secrets of "the yellerboy stoan." with Richard Pearce. Teresa Gallagher. Bob Whelan. John Bramwell , Malcolm Raeburn. Keith Ladd. Stephan Hall. Vicky Connett. Hannah Daley , David Shaw.

David Donaldson. Sue Johnston and Kathryn Hunt. Dramatised by Dominic Power

Music composed by Ilona Secasz Director Michael Fox

Genome: [r4 Bd=19961230]

Unknown: Russell Hoban.

Unknown: Richard Pearce.

Unknown: Teresa Gallagher.

Unknown: Bob Whelan.

Unknown: John Bramwell

Unknown: Malcolm Raeburn.

Unknown: Keith Ladd.

Unknown: Stephan Hall.

Unknown: Vicky Connett.

Unknown: Hannah Daley

Unknown: David Shaw.

Unknown: David Donaldson.

Unknown: Kathryn Hunt.

Dramatised By: Dominic Power

Composed By: Ilona Secasz

Director: Michael Fox

Riddley Walker: Matthew Dunster

Abel Goodparley: Russell Dixon

LornaElswint: Dona Croll

Granser: Joe Melia