Monday Play - Saying No


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970623]By David Britton , co-produced with ABC Australia.

When A-muoi arrives as a refugee in Western Australia, the story of an outlaw inspires her to stand up for herself in an alien land. with James Sollis , Mark Shepherd , Polly Low , Lut Ali , Patricia Stephenson. Maurie Ogden ,

Igor Sas. George Shevtsov , Steve Turner , Don Smith , Jumaii Kasmadi and Mattie Porges Director Alison Hindell

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970623] Unknown: David Britton

Unknown: James Sollis

Unknown: Mark Shepherd

Unknown: Polly Low

Unknown: Lut Ali

Unknown: Patricia Stephenson.

Unknown: Maurie Ogden

Unknown: Igor Sas.

Unknown: George Shevtsov

Unknown: Steve Turner

Unknown: Don Smith

Unknown: Jumaii Kasmadi

Unknown: Mattie Porges

Director: Alison Hindell

A-muoi: Fiona Choi

Joe: Elwyn Edwards

Rose: Marcelle Schmitz