The Monday Play - Something To Remember You By


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960603]By David Pownall. It is World War I and Gerald is a portrait photographer in a small northern town. He takes discreet nude pictures of soldiers' wives for the men to take to the front. with Steve Hodson , Tessa Worsley , Derek Waring. Kristin Milward , Becky Hindley , Michael Tudor Barnes

, Peter Yapp , Jonathan Keeble and Annabel Mullion. Director Peter Kavanagh

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960603] Unknown: David Pownall.

Unknown: Steve Hodson

Unknown: Tessa Worsley

Unknown: Derek Waring.

Unknown: Kristin Milward

Unknown: Becky Hindley

Unknown: Michael Tudor Barnes

Unknown: Peter Yapp

Unknown: Jonathan Keeble

Unknown: Annabel Mullion

Director: Peter Kavanagh

Gerald: Michael Maloney

Lily: Lesley Sharp

Nathan: Adam Kotz

Prior: TpmcKenna