The Monday Play - The Chicago Conspiracy Trial


Genome: [r4 Bd=19930823]Dramatised from the trial transcripts by Peter Goodchild and recorded in the studios of WFMT Chicago.

Twenty-five years ago, the streets of Chicago erupted into violent confrontation between police and demonstrators. There followed one of the most compelling and bizarre trials in American legal history.

Featuring the voices of Thomas Foran and William Kunstler (lawyers); David Dellinger , Tom Hayden and Bobby Seale (defendants); Jean Fritz (juror) and Margie Fritz-Birch ; John Schultz (historian); Studs Terkel (journalist) and Allen Ginsberg (witness). ,

, , , , , American producer Susan Albert Lowenberg

Directed by Martin Jenkins and John Theochans

A BBC/Los Angeles Theatre Works/WFMTCofroduction

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930823] Unknown: Peter Goodchild

Unknown: Thomas Foran

Unknown: William Kunstler

Unknown: David Dellinger

Unknown: Tom Hayden

Unknown: Bobby Seale

Unknown: Jean Fritz

Unknown: Margie Fritz-Birch

Unknown: John Schultz

Unknown: Allen Ginsberg

Producer: Susan Albert Lowenberg

Directed By: Martin Jenkins

Directed By: John Theochans

Judge Hoffman: George Murdoch

Thomas Foran: Gary Houston

Richard Schultz: Tom Amandes

William Kunstler: Mike Nussbaum

Leonard Weinglass: Jeff Still

Bobby Seale: E Milton Wheeler

Tom Hayden: Kevin Gudahl

David Dellinger: Tony Mockus

Abbte Hoffman: David Schwimmer

Allen Ginsberg: Richard Fire

Pierson/Frapolly: Andrew White

Mayor Daley/Marshall: George Czarnecki

Deputy Mayor Stahl: Ron West

Kristi King/Linda Morse: Christine Dunford

Mrs PetersonlClerk: Peggy Roeder

Spectators: Brian McChristian

Spectators: Chet Grissom

Spectators: Michael Quaintance

Spectators: Jonathan F McClain

Spectators: Dayna Worland

Spectators: Carl Coash

Spectators: Tangy Harper