The Monday Play - The Dreams Of Tipu Sultan


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970818]By Girish Karnad. This specially-commissioned play, written to mark 50 years of Indian independence, uses Tipu Sultan 's dream diary to tell the story of one of the last

Indian rulers to defy the advance of British dominion. with Vincent Ebrahim. John Rowe.

David Bannerman. David Brooks. Anthony Bunsee. Kammy Darwash. Hugh Dickson. Shiv Grewal , Aaron Husain , Nizwar Karanj , Simon Nagra , Meera Narasimham , Brian Parr , Jairaj Singh , Sukhraj Singh , Stephen Thome and Chris Wright. Director Jatinder Verma

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970818] Unknown: Girish Karnad.

Unknown: Tipu Sultan

Unknown: Vincent Ebrahim.

Unknown: John Rowe.

Unknown: David Bannerman.

Unknown: David Brooks.

Unknown: Anthony Bunsee.

Unknown: Kammy Darwash.

Unknown: Hugh Dickson.

Unknown: Shiv Grewal

Unknown: Aaron Husain

Unknown: Nizwar Karanj

Unknown: Simon Nagra

Unknown: Meera Narasimham

Unknown: Brian Parr

Unknown: Jairaj Singh

Unknown: Sukhraj Singh

Unknown: Stephen Thome

Unknown: Chris Wright.

Director: Jatinder Verma

Tipu Sultan: Saeed Jaffrey

Ghulam Ali Khan: Madhav Sharma

RuqayyaBanu: Shelley King