The Monday Play - The Ghost Sonata


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960513]Starring Frank Finlay as the Old Man, Dorothy Tutin as the Mummy and Frederick Treves as the Colonel. A poor student chances upon a rich old invalid and is invited to a ghost supper. with Jill Graham. Music by Andy Price , played by Jane Lister , Katy Salvidge , Tom Cusack , Nick Parry , Helen Taylor. Translated by Michael Meyer. Director Andy Jordan
Genome: [r4 Bd=19960513] Unknown: Frank Finlay

Unknown: Dorothy Tutin

Unknown: Frederick Treves

Unknown: Jill Graham.

Music By: Andy Price

Played By: Jane Lister

Played By: Katy Salvidge

Played By: Tom Cusack

Played By: Nick Parry

Played By: Helen Taylor.

Translated By: Michael Meyer.

Director: Andy Jordan

The Student: Alan Cox

The Daughter: Saskia Wickham

Johannson: Trevor Peacok

Bengtsson: Brett Usher