The Monday Play - The Nuremberg Trial


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960101]A dramatic reconstruction of the most significant trial of the 20th century in which key members of the Nazi leadership were indicted for waging aggressive war and committing crimes against humanity. Does the trial still have resonances today? Should Speer have been hanged?

Was Hess insane? How did Goering nearly outwit the Prosecution? Those taking part include Luise Jodl ,

Niklas Frank (relatives of the defendants); Otto Krantzbuehler (defence lawyer); and Lord Shawcross, Whitney R Harris and Drexel Sprecher (prosecutors). with John Rowe , Paul Jenkins , Crawford Logan , Ross Livingstone , Stephen Critchlow , Roger May , Tessa Worsley , Jane Whittenshaw , Caroline Strong and Linda Regan

Trial transcripts dramatised by Peter Goodchild Directed and produced by Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19960101] Unknown: Luise Jodl

Unknown: Niklas Frank

Unknown: Otto Krantzbuehler

Unknown: Whitney R Harris

Unknown: John Rowe

Unknown: Paul Jenkins

Unknown: Crawford Logan

Unknown: Ross Livingstone

Unknown: Stephen Critchlow

Unknown: Roger May

Unknown: Tessa Worsley

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw

Unknown: Caroline Strong

Unknown: Linda Regan

Dramatised By: Peter Goodchild

Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Produced By: John Theocharis

Geoffrey Lawrence: Bernard Hepton

Robert Jackson: Henry Goodman

Hartley Shawcross: David Timson

Maxwell Fyfe: Geoffrey Whitehead

John Harlan Amen: Nigel Anthony

Francis Biddle: Bob Sherman

Hoess: Robert Glenister

Dr Gilbert: Mike Nussbaum

Hermann Goering: Gerard Murphy

Rudolf Hess: Andrew Branch

Joachim von Ribbentrop: David Collings

tians Frank/Khaki' Roberts: John Hartley

Julius Streicher: John Hollis

Fritz Sauckel: Paul Copley

Alfred Jodi: John Shrapnel

Grand Admiral Doenitz: John Castle

Albert Speer: Michael Cochrane

Krantzbuehler: Michael Maloney