The Monday Play - The Tyneside Cycle


Genome: [r4 Bd=19961028]

By Peter Flannery ,

Julia Darling , Shaun Prendergast ,

Carol McGuigan , Emily Woof and Michael Chaplin.

A cycle of new plays charting the history and character of Newcastle in the twentieth century. The people, the politics, the ships, the Bigg Market, the Tyne Bridge and the Great North Run all form part of this special live broadcast, from Newcastle. with Emily Woof , Shaun Prendergast , Colin Maclachlan , Charlie Hardwick , Gavin Muir , Daniel Casey , Rosalind Bailey and Sharon Percey. Director Kate Rowland

Genome: [r4 Bd=19961028]

Unknown: Peter Flannery

Unknown: Julia Darling

Unknown: Shaun Prendergast

Unknown: Carol McGuigan

Unknown: Emily Woof

Unknown: Michael Chaplin.

Unknown: Colin MacLachlan

Unknown: Charlie Hardwick

Unknown: Gavin Muir

Unknown: Daniel Casey

Unknown: Rosalind Bailey

Unknown: Sharon Percey.

Director: Kate Rowland