The Monday Play - Theweather In The Streets


Genome: [r4 Bd=19930802]by Rosamond Lehmann , dramatised in two parts.

Concluding part: "I was always thinking something awful would happen to Rollo, he'd be snatched away from me behind an official barricade of lawful friends and relations... Because I loved him and he was threatened, by life, by me, I don't know...."

With Angela Pleasence as Olivia and Simon Cadell as Rollo.

With Fred Bryant , Brain Carroll , Eva Stuart , Gregory De Polnay and Roger Hammond Dramatised by Elspeth Sandys Director Jane Morgan

(Forremainder of cast, see Part One of "The Weather in the Streets. at 7.50pm on Saturday and "Invitation to the Waltz" at 2.30pm on Saturday)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930802] Unknown: Rosamond Lehmann

Unknown: Angela Pleasence

Unknown: Simon Cadell

Unknown: Fred Bryant

Unknown: Brain Carroll

Unknown: Eva Stuart

Unknown: Gregory De Polnay

Unknown: Roger Hammond

Dramatised By: Elspeth Sandys

Director: Jane Morgan

Ivor Craig: Tom Wilkinson

Mr Tredeaven: Peter Baldwin