Monday Play - Wilderness Dreams


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950731]

Tom Pow 's play is set in Canada, where the limits of civilisation are so clearly defined, It charts James's journey in his search for oblivion. Those who knew and cared about him reveal the reality of the wilderness he seeks. with Monica Gibb , John Yule , Finlay Welsh and Stella Forge. Director Hamish Wilson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950731]

Unknown: Tom Pow

Unknown: Monica Gibb

Unknown: John Yule

Unknown: Finlay Welsh

Director: Hamish Wilson

Old Hunter: Bob Docherty

Punter 3: Bob Docherty

Voice: Sandy Neilson

James: David Jarvis

Mountie 1: Paul Morrow

Punter 1: Paul Morrow

Mountie 2: Robin Thomson

Traveller/: Robin Thomson

Punter 2: Robin Thomson

Brother: Laurance Rudic

Phone-in host: Laurance Rudic

Father: Angus MacInnes