The Monkey's Mask

Detective tale set in Sydney, adapted from the best-selling verse novel by Australian poet Dorothy Porter.

When street-smart private investigator Jill Fitzpatrick is hired to work on the case of a missing University student, she falls for the girl's poetry tutor, the intellectual Dr Diana Maitland. Soon the smell of death around the case is getting all mixed up with the sick intoxication of love.


2006121520090403Jill Fitzpatrick....Federay Holmes
  • bill mcdonald....danny webb

  • dr diana maitland....kerry fox

  • lou....linda marlowe

  • mickey norris....rachel morris

  • mrs norris....carolyn pickles

  • nick maitland....matt dyktynski

    directed by jonquil panting.

    detective tale set in sydney, adapted from the novel by australian poet dorothy porter

  • steve....sam dale

  • tony knight....richard dillane