Monumental Change - The Statue Debate [Radio Wales]


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The killing of George Floyd sparked anti-racist protests across the world - many focused on statues linked to colonialism and slavery. In Monumental Change, Suzanne Packer explores how statues have become a flashpoint in Wales for the bigger discussions that need to be taken around who we chose to commemorate and value and the need to re-appraise what we perceive as “Welsh history”.

We hear why these figures of bronze and stone evoke such strong feelings, examining the story behind a statue that’s coming down (Thomas Picton); a statue that’s going up (Betty Campbell) and a statue that’s staying put despite controversy and opposition (H M Stanley).

Those discussing the issues include Gaynor Legall, who’s heading a Welsh Government task force auditing every statue, street and building in Wales connected to the slave trade; Dr Chris Evans, an authority on the Welsh context of slavery, BAME history expert Abu-Bakr Madden Al-Shabazz and young activist and creative Yasmin Begum.

Suzanne Packer explores how Welsh statues became a flashpoint for debating bigger issues.