Moors Of England, The [Drama On 3]


2018110420200329 (R3)By Rex Obano

England is divided as never before. The country has turned its back on Europe. Not Britain today but the 16th century. The story of Sir Robert Cecil and his black Muslim servant Fortunatus.

Fortunatus.... Ray Fearon
Sir Robert Cecil.... John Heffernan
Beaupere.... Sope Dirisu
Casper Van Senden.... Tristan Sturrock
Duque de Sessa.... Youseff Kerkour
Queen Elizabeth.... Elizabeth Counsell
Sir Edward Coke.... Philip Bretherton
Sir Thomas Sherley.... Sean Murray
Mae Mice.... Lucy Doyle
Frances Cecil.... Ella Glendinning
Lady Frances.... Emma Handy
Watchman.... Cameron Percival

Director: David Hunter

London, 1600. Fortunatus, a black Muslim refugee, takes drastic action to change history.

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