Mordrin Mcdonald: 21st Century Wizard




Written by David Kay and Gavin Smith, Mordrin McDonald is a 2000 year old Wizard living in the modern world where regular bin collections and watching Countdown are just as important as slaying the odd Dragon.

In this episode Mordrin is summoned by the wizard council to deal with an out of control Jakonty Dragon which is on a path of destruction and is set to wipe out the tiny town of Aviemore, but who can he recruit to help him?

Featuring and written by Scottish stand up David Kay and starring Gordon Kennedy and Jack Docherty, Mordrin McDonald mixes the magical with the mundane and offers a hilarious take on the life of a modern day Wizard.


Mordrin: David Kay

Geoff: Gordon Kennedy

Heather: Cora Bissett

Bernard The Blue: Jack Doherty

Tracy: Rosemary Hollands

Jill: Sally Reid

Producer/Director: Gus Beattie

A Comedy Unit production for BBC Radio 4.