More Money Than Sense


20171105Dominic Frisby hosts a new panel show about the weird and funny world of pop economics.

A panel show, hosted by finance writer and comedian Dominic Frisby, that demystifies the obscure subject of pop-economics to show the funny, weird and dark side of finance.

In this pilot episode, we're joined by four money savvy comedians - host of The Bugle podcast Andy Zaltzman, award-winning comedian and columnist Shazia Mirza, ITV'S The Chase Quizmaster Paul Sinha, and comedian and writer Grainne Maguire.

Keeping everything on track and on point we have our resident expert, from Oxford University, economist Dr Natalie Quinn, providing our guests and the audience with amazing facts and figures behind the hard-to-believe answers.

From the cost of organs on the black market to the gender gap in pocket money, if there is a price on it then More Money Than Sense is the show to question it.

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4.