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Episode 1 - The Dinner Party

An audience sitcom about a couple in marriage counselling. Will and Annabelle throw a disastrous dinner party. The quarrelling couple tell their counsellor Guy all about the event, with flashbacks to the dinner party itself.


Will Smith - Will Smith

Annabelle Smith - Sarah Hadland

Guy - Paterson Joseph

Katrina - Tracy Wiles

Doug - Simon Bubb

Heather - Morwenna Banks

Written by - Will Smith

Produced by - Tilusha Ghelani


A year into married life and already things are a little creaky. So, following Will's unimaginative anniversary present (a draining rack), Annabelle has signed them up for a course of marriage counselling.

Each week, counsellor Guy mediates a recent dispute between Will and Annabelle, with flashbacks to the events that spawned the argument. By the end, the couple find marital equilibrium once more. Sort of.

Guy arbitrates, usually leaning towards Annabelle's more sensible point of view. In contrast to Will's uptightness, Guy is confident and urbane and clearly irritates Will.

The writer and comedian Will Smith leads the starry cast of Mr and Mrs.Smith. Sarah Hadland (Miranda, The Mitchell and Webb Look, Moving Wallpaper) stars as Will's wife Annabelle. Paterson Joseph (Peep Show, Survivors, Green Wing) plays Counsellor Guy. The series also includes Geoffrey whitehead (Reggie Perrin, Worst Week of My Life) and Susie Blake (Coronation Street; Victoria Wood as Seen on TV) as Will's mother and father-in-law.

Will's writing credits include Armstrong and Miller (BBC1), Harry and Paul (BBC1), Moving Wallpaper (ITV1), Time Trumpet (BBC2), The Thick Of It (BBC2) in which he also appears as Phil Smith, and the upcoming Veep (HBO).

Feuding Will and Annabelle tell their marriage counsellor about a disastrous dinner party.