Morse - In The Shallows [Drama]


DRAMA20180714An Oxford don dead in the river, a student out of his depth. Morse is on the case.

Radio 4 drama

Terrible things happen even in beautiful places and among highly educated people. Morse, Lewis and Strange are back on their criminally fertile Oxford patch - dealing with a mysterious pair of Oxford students who appear to be fish out of water, a Don found dead in the river, and an attractive philosopher who pleads with Morse to drop his investigation to save her career.

It's still the early 1990s when computers, mobiles, digital media and sophisticated forensic techniques are not yet in use. Morse's detection methods rely on instinct, acutely honed observational skills and dogged gumshoe perseverance. Colin Dexter's Oxford detectives feature in a story devised by former Morse TV writer Alma Cullen, adapted by Richard Stoneman.

Directed by Marilyn Imrie

A CATHERINE BAILEY production for BBC Radio 4.