Mortal Engines


0320060412 (BBC7)
20060413 (BBC7)
20061206 (BBC7)

Tom and Hester attempt to return to London, but there is much danger ahead.

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20060413 BT=2150 (BBC7)
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20061207 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Can Tom and Hester escape from their captors and find their way back to London?

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20060414 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060415 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061208 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Katherine tries to find out the truth about her father, and stalker Shrike is on Tom and Hester's trail.

0620060417 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060417 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060418 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061211 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Can Tom and Hester escape from the evil Shrike?

0720060418 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060418 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060419 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061212 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Katherine Valentine gets some help from apprentice Bevis Pod, while Tom and Hester have ended up in Tunbridge Wheels.

0820060419 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060419 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060420 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061213 BT=1850 (BBC7)

The pirates of Tunbridge Wheels turn against Tom and Hester.

0920060420 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060420 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060421 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061214 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Katherine Valentine witnesses Medusa emerge from St Paul's Cathedral.

1020060421 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060421 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060422 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061215 BT=1850 (BBC7)

The Lord Mayor plans to use Medusa to destroy the shield wall. But can he be stopped?

1120060424 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060424 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060425 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061218 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Valentine catches up with Tom and Hester, and Katherine makes a shocking discovery.

1220060425 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060425 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060426 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061219 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Katherine confronts her father and he tells her the truth about Hester. Tom and Hester head for London.

1320060426 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060426 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060427 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061220 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Katherine sets out to destroy Medusa.

14 LAST20060427 BT=1050 (BBC7)
20060427 BT=2150 (BBC7)
20060428 BT=0250 (BBC7)
20061221 BT=1850 (BBC7)
20061204 (BBC7)

It's a town eat town world.

20061205 (BBC7)

Who is the mysterious Hester Shaw? And why does she want Thaddeus Valentine dead?