Mother Courage And Her Children


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25 May 1990

Producer: J. MORTIMER

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By Bertolt BRECHT. Translated and adapted by John WILLETT. A chronicle of the 30 Years War. Mother Courage follows the armies with her travelling canteen, selling provisions and liquor to the troops.

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drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

25 May 1990 19:30-21:45 (RADIO 3)


Brian Miller (Actor)

Sheila Hancock (Actor)

Gordon Reid (Actor)

John Bull (Actor)

David King (Actor)

Christopher Good (Actor)

Michael Cox (Actor)

Danny Schiller (Actor)

Elizabeth Mansfield (Actor)

Fraser Kerr (Actor)

Ben Onwukwe (Actor)

Paul Downing (Actor)

John Gabriel (Actor)

David Goudge (Actor)

Charles Simpson (Actor)

Alan Barker (Actor)

Dale Rapley (Actor)

Sue Broomfield (Actor)

Margaret Courtenay (Actor)

John Willett (adap)

Bertolt Brecht (Author)

Stephen Warbeck (cond)

Paul Dessau (mus)

Jeremy Mortimer (Producer)

Recorded on 1990-02-12"

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Radio 3