20141031Moyamensing: Scenes From

The Life, Death and Dreams Of Edgar Allan Poe

By Marty Ross

Recorded live at the CCA Glasgow.

Edgar Allan Poe - drunk, desolate, death-haunted - finds things

getting worse as he is locked overnight in Philadelphia's

Moyamensing Prison where his worst nightmares await him. An obscure

but true incident from the closing act of Poe's tragic life inspires a

surreal, scary and darkly comic psychological portrait of the tragic


Poe left an account not only of his incarceration in Moyamensing, but

also of the hallucinations he suffered therein: horrors to match

anything in his fiction, but strange beauties too. Follow him through

encounters with sinister guards, hungry rats, a murderous doppelganger

and a surgeon over-keen to wield his saw on the living, but also a

meeting with a sublimely beautiful woman echoing more than one of the

women Poe loved and lost.

Edgar Allan Poe....JOHN KIELTY

Campaigner/Blaney/Mutterer 1/Guard 1/Eddy....STEVEN McNICOLL

Muddy/Prisoner 1/nurse....JULIET CADZOW

Train Barman/Train guard/Prisoner 3/....IAIN AGNEW

Sawbones/Morning Guard/Doctor....IAIN AGNEW

Scutt/Mutterer 2/Guard 2....GAVIN JON WRIGHT

Ma Murgatroyd/Lady passenger/Prisoner 2/....CAT GROZIER

Tower woman/Virginia....CAT GROZIER

Producer/Director - David Ian Neville.

The Life, Death & Dreams Of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe.... JOHN KIELTY

Campaigner/Blaney/Mutterer 1/Guard 1/Eddy.... STEVEN McNICOLL

Ma Murgatroyd/Lady passenger/Prisoner 2/.... CAT GROZIER

Tower woman/Virginia.... CAT GROZIER