Mr Betjeman's Class [Drama]


2017122520191226 (R4)

By Jonathan Smith. First of two plays celebrating one of Britain's best-loved poets.
1928. John Betjeman, aged 23, has left Magdalen College - sent down without a degree. He's spent three years at Oxford being a class-conscious social climber, clowning his suburban way into the country house weekend set. With his ambitions in ruins, he's reduced to acting as cricket master in a prep school. He knows nothing of cricket.

Older Betjeman ..... Ben Whitrow
Younger Betjeman ..... Philippe Edwards
Bessie ..... Sophie Thompson
Ernest ..... Nicky Henson
Headmaster ..... Gerard McDermott
Boy 1 ..... Adam Thomas Wright
Boy 2 ..... Kedar Williams-Stirling
Boy 3 ..... Tom Cawte

Producer/director: Bruce Young
(Jonathan Smith's second play, Mr Betjeman Regrets, is at 2.15pm tomorrow.)

Drama from BBC Radio 4