Genome: [r4 Bd=19950102]

William Trevor 's prize-winning play tells of a father's friend, whom he meets when he travels to Dublin on business. The friend is much-talked of in the household... but there's a shock in store for the family.

Director David Hitchinson Rpt

A BBC World Service Drama Production

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950102]

Unknown: William Trevor

Director: David Hitchinson Rpt

Michael (Old): Sean Barrett

Michael (Young): Nicholas Boulton

Michael's father: T P McKenna

Michael's mother: Kate Binchy

Amelia/Annie: Judith McSpadden

Charlotte: Teresa Gallagher

Miss Ryan: Elaine Claxton

Flanagan/Clergyman: P G Stephens

Kindersley: Tom Bevan

Headmaster: Alan McNaughtan

Barman/Housemaster: James Berwick

Woman in bar/Bridget: Marcella Riordan

Prefect/boy/announcer: Peter Kenny