Mud - Stories Of Sex And Love


AR01The Lay Of Bee Wolf20100601Michele Roberts explores the old myth of Beowolf from a new perspective, offering a take on the story which puts the wife and daughters of the legendary hero centre stage.

With the monster Gren Dell sporting a name tape lovingly sewn on by his mother, Ms Dell, and a tragic misunderstanding leading to all the bloodshed, the old story takes on an enjoyably feminist, if no less heroic turn.

The story is taken from Michele Roberts new collection, Mud: Stories of Love and Sex.

An unexpected and clever take on the Beowulf myth.

Read by Siobhan Redmond

AR02Tristram And Isolde20100602The second of Michele Roberts' stories from her newly published collection, Mud: Stories of Love and Sex, is very much concerned with both these themes.

Inspired by the famous love story of Tristram and Isolde, it describes the passion of a girl for her lover, the delight in his company when the rest of the world has been banished, and the desire to keep him to herself for ever.

But there's an unexpected twist to this love story that plays on some very deep, and potentially disturbing, emotions.

The reader is Siobhan Redmond.

Inspired by the Tristan and Isolde story, the story of a girl's passion for her lover.

AR02Tristram And Isolde20100608

AR03 LASTVegetarian In France20100603Michele Roberts writes enticingly about France, and equally enticingly about food, and this story from her newly published collection brings two of her favourite subjects together in a tongue-in-cheek cautionary tale about the dangers of being fussy about food in a country that regards vegetarians with the scorn reserved for a lesser species.

It was not easy, being a vegetarian in France, Larry found, when he and his wife Nicolette finally settled there in their retirement.

Their hunting, fishing, butchering, gutting, stuffing and pickling neighbours tried to understand, but their sympathies were all with Nicolette.

Larry didn't stand a chance.

The reader is Siobhan Redmond.

Larry finds that it's not easy being a vegetarian in France.