Mudlarking (omnibus)



A mudlark reveals her stories of finds buried in the mud of the river Thames.

This book is devoted to the tidal Thames and travels in chapters from Teddington to the Isle of Dogs, revealing the passions and discoveries of Lara Maiklem, a modern mudlark. It celebrates the most accessible form of archaeology, a historical hobby mixed with the excitement of scavenging for possible treasure. Something which takes place on a shoreline open to all.

This is history at its most earthy and tactile full of glimpses of the everyday lives of those who lived and worked near the river hundreds of years ago.

From mammoth teeth to Tudor shoes, via the mysterious abundance of garnets and the fragments of a Roman heating system, Lara brings us closer to the lives of the past by turning over the rubbish of the present to see what she can find.

Written and read by Lara Maiklem
Abridged by Isobel Creed and Jill Waters
Produced by Jill Waters
A Waters Company production for BBC Radio 4