Murder Before Midnight - Going Wrong


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950311]In Ruth Rendell 's psychological thriller, Guy is a natural-born villain but he loves the classy Leonora and he's determined that if he can't have her for ever, no-one else will.

Dramatised by Robert East Director Matthew Walters

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950311] Unknown: Ruth Rendell

Dramatised By: Robert East

Director: Matthew Walters

Guy: Peter Wingfield

Leonora: Oona Beeson

Danny: Tom Bevan

Tessa: Tessa Worsley

Anthony: Derek Waring

Robin: Richard Pearce

Rachel: Becky Hindley

Celeste: Michelle Joseph

Susannah: Natasha Pyne

Magnus: David Collings

Con: Gavin Muir

Linus: Gavin Muir

Poppy: Kristin Milward

William: Andrew Branch

Det Sgt Lamb: Robert East

Janice: Iona Grant

Maeve: Annabel Mullion