Murder Before Midnight - Mildred Pierce


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950318]by James M Cain. With

Shelley Thompson as Mildred Pierce , Martin Jarvis as Monty Beragon and Siriol

Jenkins as Veda Pierce. "1931. 1 lost my job, my home, my husband. But I've got a daughter. 1941. I've got a dazzling career, mansion, new husband - but I've lost the love of my daughter."

Dramatised by John Fletcher. Music by Elizabeth Parker. Director Andy Jordan Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950318] Unknown: James M Cain.

Unknown: Shelley Thompson

Unknown: Mildred Pierce

Unknown: Martin Jarvis

Unknown: Monty Beragon

Unknown: Veda Pierce.

Dramatised By: John Fletcher.

Music By: Elizabeth Parker.

Director: Andy Jordan Rpt

Bert Pierce: Ed Bishop

Ray Pierce: Angela Shaftoe

Lucy Gessler: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Wally Burgan: James Telfer

Letty: Eugenia Warren

Treviso: John Baddeley

Ida: Catherine Nix

Doctor: Dominic Letts

Levinson: Dominic Holt