Music And Silence


0120000605Denmark, 1629.

A young ENGLISH lutenist, who looks like an angel, arrives to play for the King.

0220000606A tale of opposites - women and men, light and darkness, tenderness and violence.
0320000607With the King away, Kirsten can play.

Life at the Danish court in 1629 is revealed in all its tempestuousness, passion and frustration.

0420000608Emilia's arrival in Rosenborg has affected Kirsten.
0520000609Strategems for survival in 17-century Denmark.
0620000612The angelic Peter Claire finds love in a field of sheep.
0720000613Kirsten's position in the Danish court is becoming ever more precarious.

Can recondite ploys and schemes save her skin?

0820000614Can King CHRISTIAN forgive Kirsten's amour with Count Otto Ludwig of Salm? And will Peter convince Emilia of his love?
0920000615Kirsten and Emilia have been banished from Copenhagen.

How will love survive?

1020000616Kirsten has a new plan - and a new child.
1120000619Evil and good swirl around the watery kingdom of Denmark as Kirsten continues to plot after her banishment.

Emilia is reunited with her lost brother Marcus.

1220000620Magdalena's wickedness knows no bounds, and the king is beginning to escape from darkness.
1320000621King CHRISTIAN faces financial ruin, but help and solace are at hand.
1420000622The king's secret is finally brought to light.
15 LAST20000623Peter Claire is Kirsten's prisoner.

Will she relent and release him, and will he be in time to save Emilia?