Music And The Method


20031021"Ivan Hewett visits Hungary to examine the legacy of Zoltan Kodaly, a great composer and educator who believed that human fulfilment could be achieved through learning music."
20040115"Zoltan Kodaly is probably best known as a composer, but he is also widely acknowledged as one of the great musical educators of the 20th century.

Throughout his life, he devoted enormous amounts of time and energy to creating a complete system of music education and to establishing it in schools in his native Hungary.

The aim of his philosophy was far broader than simply raising the standard of technical musicianship - he believed passionately that learning music was a route through which emotionally, spiritually and intellectually well-rounded human beings could be nurtured.

Ivan Hewett journeys to Hungary to find out more about how and why Kodaly developed his musical teaching philosophy, and considers whether it has stood the test of time."