Music Around The World


20010102Andrew Mcgregor and Simon Broughton preview Radio 3's day-long musical tour.
Africa20010101Lucy Duran reports on music in North Africa and introduces Ethiopian flautist Alula Andetu, who plays live in the studio.

Sigbjorn Nedland presents a feature on Tanzanian music, recorded at the NRK studio in Dar es Salaam.

From Zanzibar, Yusuf Mahmoud talks about his Festival of the Dhow Countries.

And Ivor Haarburger tells the story of the long-established South African label Gallo Records, which began recording local music in the 1930s.

Australia20010101Andrew Mcgregor and Simon Broughton host a day-long musical tour of the globe, exploring the diversity of music worldwide through live performances, studio guests and features from foreign correspondents.

In the first programme, Penny Lomax introduces performances from Australia, including music from cross-cultural band Mara.

Georgia And Armenia20010101Festive songs from the male choir Mtiebi recorded at last year's WOMAD festival, along with an explanation of the group's unique vocal style from their leader Irakli Garakanidze.

Plus the haunting sounds of the duduk from Armenia's Djivan Gasparian.

Ireland20010101From his home on the west coast of Ireland, P J Curtis hosts a New Year craic featuring accordionist Josephine Marsh and her band.
Japan20010101Paul Fisher investigates the new wave of Okinawan music and talks to musicians Makoto Kubota and Yasuba Jun.

Guitarist Bob Brozman talks about his project with vocalist and sanshin player Takashi Hirayasu.

And Joji Hirota performs live in the studio with his Taiko Drummers.

Java20010101From Berlin's Radio MultiKulti, Colin Bass - aka Sabah Habas Mustapha - presents fresh interpretations of traditional West Javanese music by his band, the Jugala Allstars, and others.

Plus a look at how the New Year is celebrated in Sunda, Java.

Latin America20010101Michael Voss reports from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and meets local guitarist Toni Costa.

Lucy Duran presents a guide to some of the new music coming out of Brazil at the close of the nation's quincentenary.

Jan Fairley takes a behind-the-scenes look at veteran Cuban virtuosi the Buena Vista Social Club and finds out what is currently being listened to in Cuba.

Including music from Carlos Manuel and Ng La Banda.

Lucy Duran pMixing It

Portugal20010101Live from Lisbon, a performance by fado singer Paulo de Carvalho and Mozambican guitarist Mingo Rangel.
Tibet20010101The Tibet Foundation's Phuntsog Wangyi talks about the activities of Tibetan musicians in exile.

And Mark Trewin explores different types of chant.

Plus music from Yungchen Lhamo and the traditional dranyen (Tibetan lute) playing of Techung.

United States20010101Live from Manhattan, John Shaeffer presents a range of world music recorded in America and introduces live acts in the studio.