Music From The Rainforest


20020331Mark Rickards travels to Brazil to meet the Amazon Youth Cello Choir, a children's orchestra filling the South American jungle with their joyful sounds.
20040208Drifting over the treetops of the South American jungle is an unexpected sound.

A children's orchestra is playing in the rainforest.

Mark Rickards travels to Brazil to meet the members of the Amazon Youth Cello Choir.

A Year On20040210Last year Radio Four brought the story of the Amazon Youth Cello Choir to the UK, showing how a group of Brazilian children had learnt to play the instrument in the most difficult of circumstances.

Now Mark Rickards returns one year later to see whether they continue to amaze the residents of the Amazon rainforest with their repertoire of Bach, Haydn and Vivaldi.

Without any professional teaching, can the group survive?