Music Matters Public Forum


Does Opera Have A Future?1997113019971201Resignations, lottery scandals, accusations of elitism...

Is the writing on the wall for opera? Ivan Hewett chairs a public debate from West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, on the future of opera and music theatre.

With guest panellists Keith Cooper, director of sales and broadcasting, Royal Opera House; Phyllida Lloyd, opera and theatre director; Ruth Mackenzie, general director, Scottish Opera; Michael McCarthy, artistic director, Music Theatre Wales; and Tom Sutcliffe, opera critic and author.

Whose Music?19981206`Whose Music?'.

Is the Labour government abandoning high culture for easy populism? Ivan Hewett chairs a public debate about the controversial issue of the government's music policies.

He is joined by arts minister Alan Howarth; John Tusa, managing director of the Barbican Centre; pianist Joanna MacGregor, a member of the Arts Council; and writer and former Conservative minister George Walden.