Music Of The Black Death



Catherine Bott explores one of the deadliest pandemics in human history - the Black Death in the 14th Century - via the music of the composers who lived through the time.

They include Guillaume De Machaut, who wrote of the plague in his poem The Judgement of the King of Navarre.


Guillaume De Machaut: Introitus: Gaudeamus omnes in Domino from Messe de Nostre Dame

  • amon ra cd-sar 49
  • cd1 track 5

    giovanni da firenze: quand'amor

  • cd1 track 9

    philippe de vitry: apta caro/ flos virginum

  • continuum ccd 1042
  • dufay collective
  • early music consort of london/martyn hill/david munrow
  • emi cdc 7 47949 2
  • gothic voices/Christopher Page
  • hyperion cda 66463
  • micrologus
  • opus 111 ops 30-112
  • orlando consort
  • taverner consort/taverner choir/Andrew Parrott
  • the early music consort of london/david munrow
  • track 12

    Guillaume De Machaut: sanctus et benedictus from messe de nostre dame

  • track 13.

    Catherine Bott explores the 14th-century black death through the music of the time

  • track 14

    anon: lamento di tristano/la rotta

  • track 1

    Guillaume De Machaut: quand je sui mis au retour

  • track 2

    gherardello de florentia: de poni amor a me

  • track 3

    segue to:

    j de porta: alma polis religio/axe poli cum artica

  • track 5

    landini: abbonda di virtue

  • tracks 7-8

    p des molins: amis tout dous vis (rondeau)

  • virgin veritas ved 5 61284 2