The Musical Storybook

Series in which schoolchildren adapt and perform local folk tales.


0101The Grey Horse And The Widow's Daughters20020610

By pupils from St George's School for Girls in Edinburgh.

0102The Children Of Lir20020611

Students from Methodist College in Belfast re-enact the classic Irish legend.

0103How The Anansi Stories Got Their Name20020612

by ten-year-olds from St Stephen's Primary School in Deptford.

0104The Wondrous Mango20020613

The classic Hindu story re-enacted by 13-year-olds from Plashet School for Girls in East Ham.

0105 LASTThe Enchanted Cap20020614

A Halloween tale performed by 10-year-olds from St Lawrence's Primary School in Greenock.

0201The Lang Pack20031229

by children from Bellingham Middle School in Northumberland.

0202Tam Bichan And The Trow2003123020041220

Children from Firth Primary School in Orkney enact a tale of strange events in a Neolithic burial mound.

With incidental music written by the pupils.

0203The Great Minster Fire20031231

with choristers and pupils from the Minster School in York.

0204Black Shuck20040101

with children from Burnham Market Primary School.

0205 LASTThe King And The Shabbat Dinner2004010220041221

Children from Simon Marks Jewish Primary School in Stoke Newington enact a cautionary tale for the Sabbath.

With music written by the pupils.